• 23 Ноя
  • 2023

Проф. ИВ РАУ В. Аракелова принимает участие в проходящей в Иране Международной конференции Ассоциации Iranian Peace Studies с докладом "The False Agenda of Modern Feminism"

    The subculture of feminism has become an essential part of the leftist movement. Women's issue has occupied a constant place on the agenda of many left-wing parties and groups, among other post-modernist popular trends, such as ecology, minorities rights, etc. The appeal to the women's audience promised certain political success taking into account that women make up the majority of the population in many countries.

    All the more, it is women's issue, which has been expected to emphasize numerous negative clichés regularly applied to traditional societies, regardless of their religious identity.
    However, in reality, the mere statistics reflecting, e.g., radical changes of women's educational level or their incorporation into various spheres of professional activities, etc. in certain countries approached as “traditional”, proves the inconsistency of the feminist view of things.
    Probably, this particular gap between the feminists expectations and reality forced the ideologists of feminism to radicalize the agenda of the movement, turning it into a sophisticated political instrument.
    The paper will focus on the analysis of some established clichés erroneously or purposefully applied to certain traditional societies that create false ideas about the role and status of women in them. It will mainly discuss the cases of Iran and Armenia.".