The Second International Conference ANATOLIA-THE CAUCASUS-IRAN: dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of “Iran and the Caucasus” (Brill: Leiden-Boston)

  • 24 Январь , 2022
The region including Anatolia, the Caucasus and Iran is distinguished by its ethnic, religious, and language diversity. Its specific contact zones have for centuries given birth to numerous syncretic cultural trends, heterodox religious drifts, transformations of identities, etc. Languages  spoken by the inhabitants of this vast area belong to different families – Indo-European, Caucasian, Turkic; their continuous interactions have shaped various combinations of linguistic phenomena: substrate-superstrate-adstrate, Sprachbunds, etc.
All the mentioned and related issues will be discussed in the respective sections on history, culture, language and literature, religion, social anthropology and political developments.
Conference Dates:  21-23 June, 2022
Conference VenueInstitute of Oriental Studies, Russian-Armenian University, 123 Hovsep Emin St., Yerevan 0051.
Submission of Abstracts
Abtracts not exceeding 400 words are to be submitted by March 31, 2022 to [email protected]. If your abstracts include non-Unicode symbols, please, send them in both .doc and .pdf formats.

The scheduled time for keynote speeches is 40 minutes.
Each presentation will last 20 minutes, 10 minutes will be available for Q&A.
The working language of the Conference is English.
Important dates
•           31 March, 2022 — Deadline for abstracts.
•           15 April, 2022 — Notification of acceptance.

Organising Committee
  •    Prof. Dr. Garnik Asatrian (Yerevan)
  • Prof. Dr. Jost Gippert   (Frankfurt am Main/Hamburg)
  • Prof. Dr. Victoria Arakelova (Yerevan)
  • Dr. Vahe Boyajian (Yerevan) 
  • Dr. Phil Hopkins (Yerevan) 
  • Dr. Annika Törne (Yerevan)
  • Dr. Matthias Weinreich (Berlin) 
  • Gohar Hakobian (Yerevan)
  • Amir Zeyghami (Yerevan)

Conference Board
Prof. Dr. Uwe Bläsing (Leiden)
Prof. Dr. Antonio Panaino (Ravenna)
Prof. Dr. Mikhail Pelevin (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Dr. Adriano Valerio Rossi (Rome/Naples) 
Prof. Dr. Pollet Samvelian (Paris) 
Prof. Dr. Martin Schwartz (Berkeley)
Prof. Dr. James Russell (Harvard)
Prof. Dr. Giusto Traina (Paris)
Dr. Mahmoud Jaafari-Joneydi (Tehran)
Dr. Peter Nicholaus (Vienna)
Dr. Behrooz Mahmoodi-Bakhtiari (Tehran) 

Participation fee
Participation fee is EUR 80, which includes refreshments, opening and closing banquets and cultural programme of the conference.

You can find the Programme and Abstract of the 1st Conference “Anatolia-the Caucasus-Iran” (10-12 May 2018; hosted by the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian-Armenian University,) here: