The BA in Oriental Studies at RAU is a four-year course in which students learn one or more Oriental language, and use their language(s) as a basis for exploring the Middle East,  the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent.
The BA in Oriental Studies (OS) is distinctive for the range of language and subject combinations you can choose. Our aim is to provide you with extensive language abilities in one or more language spoken in the Oriental World, to teach you the methods and styles of scholarly disciplines, and to further your understanding of the region through its history, politics, cultures, philosophies, and literatures. The skills you will obtain whilst studying for the BA open up a wide range of career options and the knowledge and experiences you acquire open up your mind.
Undergraduates are encouraged to spend some months in language-speaking areas where they may attend courses at universities or at provincial centres. This will provide an exciting opportunity to study Oriental society and respective languages and dialects. This is recognised as often being the most formative and important part of an undergraduate's career and every effort is made to ensure that it is properly structured and monitored.